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The Awakened: Hikari's Story

Into the Empty Spaces

Rain Like Tears of Glass

All That is Left behind

Until The Corruption infected her neighbor, Hikari Miyabe's greatest concern was preparing for her high school entrance examination. But then her neighbor killed her family and infected her. When one of the Awakened arrived and cleansed her with the Sacred Fire, Hikari now finds herself caught in a secret war between supernatural forces that consume the lives of everyone it touches.


NaNoWriMo 2015

Courting Death

To save his first love, a shy Japanese teenage boy must prove to a Shinigami (Japanese death god) that love exists by making it fall in love with him.

When the shinigami invades his life, disrupting all his relationships and even coming in between him and his girlfriend, the horror and impossibility of making death love him begins to sink in. Unable to even define love, he wonders if the shinigami might be right. Perhaps love isn't actually real.

Surrounded by the souls of the dead who are transformed into monstrous yokai when love fails them, Michi perseveres, desperately risking what remains of his life, determined that not even death will separate him from the one he loves.

NaNoWriMo 2014

The Awakened

Cinaed Asher is a veteran in a spiritual war against the Corruption and he is dying. Though gifted with the mysterious powers of the Awakened, he is cursed with a spreading disease of living death, the same curse that took the lives of his wife and son and left his daughter little more than a shambling corpse.

Deserting The Order that trained him to fight the Corruption, he now seeks a cure in the forbidden works of Johan Dippel, the legendary alchemist who created the curse. Making deals with agents of rival shadow societies whom he cannot trust, other Awakened offer to help him while using him for their own ends.

While his mentor pursues him, determined to kill him before he is fully corrupted, his search is repeatedly blocked by the woman who awakened him. The enigmatic Hikari Miyabe insists that to free himself from the Corruption he must stop fighting it. Only by remembering his true nature will he escape this secret war and truly become Awakened.

NaNoWriMo 2013

Kingdom of Shadow

When prince Tonesho discovers he is only a commoner, raised to become a sacrifice to save the king’s true heir, he flees the only family and life he’s ever known.

Pursued by an assassin, he stumbles into the realm of the Lady of Shadow whose cat-shaped shadows guide him as he is confronts the truth of the corrupt kingdom he once thought to inherit.

If he would become the leader he had once hoped to be, he must master the power of shadows, use it to trace the evil back to its source and stop the power behind the throne before it can sacrifice thousands of citizens to preserve the life of an ancient dying king.


Spirit (Anthology) 2013


The Boy Inside

Haunted by the memory of his brother's death when he was seven, David returns to the childhood home where his brother was shot, hoping to lay his ghost to rest. Using a device that allows him to see ghosts, he instead finds something which shakes him to the core.


Novella 2013

Colony of the Dead

Jason Powers knows he is no hero.  He's been reminded of that every day of his life with constant comparisons to his famous grandfather.

When the bullying Captain Ramsey decides to capture a lost colony ship for salvage, Jason doesn't even object. When Captain Ramsey decides he must kill the frozen colonists in order to save the ship, however, Jason finds the courage to oppose him, but not before the captain unleashes a hungry tide of death.


NaNoWriMo 2011-2012

The Stone King

20 years ago, Garanth's father killed Garanth's mother and cursed the land in a bid for power that opened a door for the spirits of the void to begin consuming the spirits of the land. Now Garanth's half-brother leads an expanding army driven mad by fear and hunger, consuming village after village in a quest to complete their father's work. To save the land, Garanth must defy his mentor and claim the seat of power before his brother reaches it, though it will cost him his humanity.


NaNoWriMo 2010

Wars of the Magearchy

Drew, an outcast apprentice mage turned accidental warrior, finds himself caught up in a secret war between the mage guild that rejected him and a terrorist group of called the Magic Circle. Recruited by a secret organization, Drew is trained to hunt and kill the terrorists assassinating guild mages. Using his knowledge of both magecraft and swordplay, Drew has a chance to vindicate himself in the eyes of the guild and his demanding father. Along the way he must convince his best friend he’s not really working for the enemy, discover whether his potential girlfriend is an assassin sent to kill him, and uncover the truth of his father’s past and whether he might be behind the plot against the guild.

NaNoWriMo 2009

The Ascent

It was only supposed to be a minor military expedition and Kenneth Phon was only supposed to be an observer, but when the ambitions of powerful men turn to betrayal and disaster, the largest human warfleet ever assembled finds itself leaderless and lost, thousands of light-years deep in enemy territory.

Surrounded and on the point of surrender, the fleet turns to one man to lead them in their fight through hundreds of enemy systems. Now Ken must get the fleet home before the aliens can take their revenge on a defenseless Earth!


NaNoWriMo 2007-2008

Kingdom of the Stone

It is the dawn of the first age and the fallen Lords of Heaven are fighting over that newest of creations, mankind.

Only one young Sheppard, tormented by horrific visions of the future, can unite the tribes of men and protect them from the chaos, madness and death the fallen lords bring. To do this he must first discover the secret names of magic with only an autistic six-year-old girl to aid him. Will war consume the scattered tribes before he can forge them into the first kingdom of men?



The Book of the Lost Tao

This started as a series of "quotes" from a mythical a lost book of Taoist wisdom which were used at the beginning of various stories from The Awakened. It has begun to turn into a thing of its own.


A Step-by-Step Guide to Random Writing Techniques

A random collection of well-intentioned advice. It started after being fed up with one too many poorly written synopsis/cover blurbs that told you nothing about the story and made it sound even less interesting than that. Poorly written snyopsis are still one of my major pet peeves.


mirror splintered dreams

A collection of ill-advised poetry and a warning to others.


An Encyclopida of Anghar

An attempt to keep track of the setting information for my various books of the Chronicals of the First Age (Kingdom of the Stone, The Stone King, Kingdom of Shadow, etc.